20 December 2013

Sydney bicycle adventures

We saw this bike in the window of an adventure shoe shop in Sydney.

Definitely a bike is a great way to see the world - perfect match for this company.

06 December 2013

London Green

London can definitely look green at times.  The bicycles are just the icing on the cake.

25 October 2013

Dead Set London

London is turning into a chic cycling hot-spot.  Bikes are HOT, and businesses know it makes them look good.

Not really sure what the skeleton is about - but we can tell you he's actually riding the bike, with the pedals turning and his skeleton legs doing the work.

We'd go in and buy something just because of this bike.  Yellow + flowers = YES!

12 September 2013

Edinburgh Tweed

Bikes look great in shop windows.  But especially if it's a vintage bike.